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31.03.2011  22:26

Scenery Installation Guide

text: Jarosław "Jajo" Woźniak

These instructions present the scenery installation process with the use of the Scenery Manager version 2.01.

In order to install photographic sceneries of Poland offered by VFRPOLAND.COM correctly, it is required to carry out the registration process and to have an active user account.

The installation process is executed via Scenery Manager. The Manager is a Java application, integrated with VFRPOLAND.COM website, used for execution of any necessary actions regarding installation and activation of scenery files in flight simulator. Most actions are run by the Scenery Manager automatically and do not require the user's interaction.

To ensure an appropriate functioning of the application, which uses Java scripts, it is necessary to install Java Runtime Environment software. The newest version of the software may be downloaded from the producer's Internet website at:

The software pack requires a single installation and it does not need to be installed each and every time the Scenery Manager is started. In case of any problems with running the Scenery Manager, it is advised to update Java Runtime Environment software to its newest version.

Actions regarding the choice, download and installation of a scenery involve four stages:

Stage 1 – Choose flight simulator, area and scenery version
Stage 2 – Download scenery files from VFRPOLAND's server
Stage 3 – Install downloaded sceneries in flight simulator
Stage 4 – Automatic resuming of incomplete download and installation process

Stage 1 – Choose flight simulator, area and scenery version

In order to choose and install the selected scenery area, the User needs to log into VFRPOLAND.COM website.

To log in, choose the MY ACCOUNT tab, enter your e-mail address and password saved during the account's registration process and click on the [LOG IN] button.

Successful log in will be confirmed with a welcoming message from VFRPOLAND.COM and with a change of the user's status from UNLOGGED to the user's name (for example:

If the log in was successful, the process of selection and installation of preferred products becomes active. In order to select the preferred product you need to choose the SCENERIES tab. In the SCENERIES tab window there will be a map with scenery areas which are available for a selected flight simulator.

Active areas – areas enabled to the user for download and installation are visible on the map as photo scenery icons.

Inactive areas – areas disabled to the user for download and installation are visible on the map as transparent boxes.

Areas which were already installed by the user are visible on the map as a photo scenery icons in green.

Areas which were chosen by the user to be installed but failed to be installed completely are visible on the map as photo scenery icons in blue.

Areas available for update to a newer scenery version than the one already installed by the user, are visible on the map as photo scenery icons in yellow.

Choosing a scenery:

Step 1. Choose a type of flight simulator, which you would like to install sceneries for.

Hint: In order to choose the type of flight simulator click on one of the tabs available: FS X, FS 2004, X-Plane 9.

Step 2. Choose a scenery area to be installed.

Hint: The User may choose from active areas only. In order to choose an area for installation, the User needs to click on a photo scenery icon of a preferred area on the map. Once the choice is made, a window with a selected scenery's description, screen shot gallery and product's available versions will pop up.

Step 3. Choose a scenery version for installation.

Hint: In the lower part of the window with the selected scenery's description you will find information on the selected scenery area's available versions. The User needs to choose a preferred version by clicking on the red button [CHOOSE PREMIUM VERSION FOR INSTALLATION] or [CHOOSE STANDARD VERSION FOR INSTALLATION].

A complete process is confirmed with a following message.

When you click on the [DOWNLOAD] button, the Scenery Manager and the area's download will start.

Stage 2 – Downloading scenery files from the VFRPOLAND server

The start of the Scenery Manager is followed by a stage regarding the download of selected scenery files from VFRPOLAND.COM server and their installation in the appropriate flight simulator. Since then until the moment of selected area's installation process completion, all activities are carried out via the Scenery Manager.

Step 1. Enabling the opening of a new window in the browser.

Hint: Depending on the User's Internet browser the Scenery Manager application opens a new tab or a new window in the browser. If the User has disabled the pop-up function, the Internet browser will ask to enable the opening of a new tab/window of VFRPOLAND.COM so that the Scenery Manager application may function properly.

When you enable the opening of a new tab/window, the Scenery Manager will start running.

Step 2. Accepting JAVA certificate

The Scenery Manager is a JAVA application. In order to run this type of application it is required to accept the security certificate. The acceptance is carried out by confirming subsequent messages with a click on buttons [RUN] (mandatory) and [YES] (recommended).

Step 3. Downloading files of selected areas from VFRPOLAND.COM server.

When you open a new tab/window with the Scenery Manager, there will appear a list of scenery areas chosen for download or ready for installation.

A newly added area will be visible on the list of selected sceneries with a "resume" option attributed to the area's button in default.

In order to start the download of selected scenery files, the user is required to click on the [RESUME] button. Once the process is started the button's name changes from [RESUME] to [STOP] and a download counter and progress bar start running, presenting the progress of the download in a graphic form.

Hint: The user may stop the download of the selected scenery area any time by clicking on the [STOP] button. The resuming of the download is possible any time and is carried out by clicking on the [RESUME] button.

While the Scenery Manager is downloading files, the user may return to the scenery map and by repeating the actions from Stage 1 they may add subsequent scenery areas for download and installation. Adding subsequent areas will be visible on the Scenery Manager's list as subsequent tasks (entries) to be performed.

Step 4. Completion of the scenery file download.

Once the download counter and progress bar achieve the level of 100%, the scenery's download is completed. When the button's name changes to [INSTALL], the Scenery Manager is ready to start the installation process on the user's hard disk and to activate the scenery in flight simulator.

Stage 3 – Installing selected sceneries in flight simulator

Areas ready for installation are visible on the Scenery Manager's list with an option [INSTALL] attributed to the area's button.

In order to start the installation and activation process of a given scenery file, the user is required to click the [INSTALL] button.

Step 1. Accepting the license agreement.

The continuation of the scenery's installation process requires the user to read and accept the contents of the license agreement. In order to accept the agreement scroll the window bar to the last page and click the [OK] button.

In case of lack of acceptance, the user should click on the [CANCEL] button. Such action is followed by cancelling the installation process.

Step 2. Choose the location for scenery files on your computer's hard disk.

In order to continue the installation process, the user needs to enter the location folder on the computer's hard disk for the area's files to be copied into.

In order to choose the preferred installation destination folder the user needs to click the [BROWSE] button. Next, the user needs to choose the preferred installation disk and folder from the folder tree. The choice is confirmed with a click on the [CHOOSE] button.

Hint: If the user already has other scenery areas installed on their computer, the Scenery Manager will show a default scenery location folder, suggesting installation in the same location.

Upon installation of new version of files of already installed areas, the Scenery Manager disables the changing of the location of the original scenery installation folder. New version files will be copied into the same location and substitute old versions of the area.

In order to continue the installation process, click on the [INSTALL] button.

Step 3. Copying the area's files and activation of a scenery in flight simulator.

Continuation of the installation process is followed by copying the files into chosen location. Progress is shown on a bar, which presents the level of copying process in a graphic form.

Step 4. The completion of the file copying process and the scenery's activation in flight simulator.

Successful scenery's installation process is confirmed with a final message and the achieving of 100% level on the progress bar.

In order to complete the area's installation process, the user needs to click on the [OK] button. The Scenery Manager will return to the area's list and enable the installation of subsequent sceneries.

If a scenery is installed correctly, it will disappear from the Scenery Manager's tasks list.

Step 5. Run your flight simulator.

The scenery was installed and activated in flight simulator. Now you may use the VFRPOLAND scenery in your favourite simulator. In order to do so, run your flight simulator.

In the FSX/FS2004 menu and section Scenery Library you will see an entry with a new scenery entitled VFRPOLAND:


Stage IV – Automatic resuming of incomplete download and installation process

The Scenery Manager was equipped with the mechanism of automatic resuming of the download and installation process.

If due to whatever reason the download and installation process is stopped (for example due to a break in Internet access, power outage, the hang up of the operation system, error of the Internet browser or intentional interrupting of the process by the user), upon the user's next logging into VFRPOLAND.COM website, the Scenery Manager will start automatically and notify the user on incomplete tasks, enabling the continuation of the download and installation process from the point of the break's occurrence.


The Scenery Manager enables the installation of scenery areas designed for particular flight simulator only if such flight simulator is installed correctly in a given version on the user's computer. The aim of this process is to protect graphic image data used for the creation of sceneries, which belongs to SPOTImage Inc. from unauthorized use.


Any and all names, brands, logotypes etc. constitute the property of their owners and are protected by the provisions of law.

© 2011 VFRPOLAND Sp. z o.o.

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