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31.03.2011  22:15

License Agreement

text: Marek Rybacki


1. The subject of the hereby License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the License Agreement” is an application (hereinafter referred to as “the Application”). The only owner of the copyright to the Application is VFRPOLAND a limited liability company seated in Warsaw at Postępu 15c, 02-676 Warsaw, Poland, entered into the register of entrepreneurs, the National Court Registry by the Regional Court of Warsaw under the number KRS 0000341916, the NIP number 1132782684 (tax identification number) and the REGON number 142101981 (national business registry number) and with the share capital amounting to PLN 50.000 (hereinafter referred to as “VFRPOLAND”).

2. VFRPOLAND is also the sole owner of the copyright to the Application’s documentation. Whenever the term “the Application” is used in the hereby Agreement, the Parties mean also the Application’s documentation and other elements of the Application.

3. The license may be granted only to a natural person (hereinafter referred to as “the User”).


1. VFRPOLAND provides the User with the license to use the Application within the scope and on principles specified in the License Agreement.

2. VFRPOLAND does not cease the copyright to the Application.

3. On the basis of the hereby License Agreement the User is granted license which authorizes the User to use the Application only within the scope and the terms of use which were explicitly specified in the hereby Agreement.

4. All kinds or terms of use other than the ones allowed in the License Agreement are deemed as a breach of the License Agreement and the copyright of VFRPOLAND. Particularly the User is not allowed to:

a. modify, run, decompile or disassemble the Application,

b. make copies of the Application in the amount bigger than specified in the hereby License Agreement,

c. make the Application available to third persons,

d. sell, rent, lease or lend the Application,

e. bypass technical limitations of the Application,

f. exercise any other activity the subject of which is the Application unless any and such activities were explicitly allowed to the User.

5. The User is not allowed to cease their rights to the Application arising from the granted license.


1. By virtue of the hereby License Agreement the User has the right to install the Application on his own computer used for private purposes and use the Application for private purposes only.

2. Other home members of the User are also authorized to use the Application.

3. The User is not allowed to use the Application within the scope or for the purpose of any business activity oriented at gaining income.

4. The User is authorized to make one back-up of the Application and use it only for the purpose of re-installation of the software.

5. The Application may be installed only on one computer. The User may install the Application on another computer which he owns only once they have removed the Application from the computer on which the Application was formerly installed.


The License has no expiry date.


Prior to the installation of the Application the User is obliged to check technical requirements for the installation and use of the Application specified on the WWW.VFRPOLAND.COM website and to apply to the suggestions of VFRPOLAND particularly referring to the limitations related to the cooperation of the Application with other computer applications.


1. VFRPOLAND keeps due diligence for the licensed Application to work properly, however it does not grant the User any guarantee for the Application.

2. The liability of the VFRPOLAND is limited only to situations of intentional damage caused by VFRPOLAND with the reservation that in any such case this liability is limited up to the damage coverage borne by the User, however not bigger than the amount of the Application’s price which the User paid.


1. The Use of the Application is allowed only following the approval of the contents of the hereby License Agreement. The approval of the hereby License Agreement and the installation of the Application on the User’s computer constitutes entering into the License Agreement.

2. The hereby License Agreement is subject to the provisions of law of the Republic of Poland.

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