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31.03.2011  22:07


text: Agnieszka Korotyńska

Virtual Flying

Flight simulation is becoming more popular every day.

Flight simulators are devices or computer programs aimed at the faithful reproduction of the aircraft during flight and ground maneuvers. Modern computer technologies provide an ideal illusion of reality therefore flight simulators allow the transfer of actual behavior, situations and procedures to the virtual model. It is now widely used to train pilots for flight training and to teach radio navigation.

Poland beneath your rudders

Flight simulation increases a sense of reality to visualize the landscape. Photographic scenery based on satellite photos is very desirable for most users of flight simulators. High resolution imaging of this type can identify even the smallest details of the simulated terrain. The virtual world becomes a carbon copy of reality.

The VFRPOLAND.COM website offers professional photographic scenery areas of Poland for the three most popular flight simulators on the market. Now anyone can play the role of a virtual pilot and fly above Poland using a home computer.


The aim of the project is to popularize aviation with VFRPOLAND.COM by creating a recognizable and user-friendly website. The digital resources of the VFRPOLAND.COM website can be used for learning, training, practice and play with particular emphasis on air navigation VFR (Visual Flight Rules - flying using visual landmarks). The VFRPOLAND.COM website also offers a taste of the history and culture of Poland with the descripions of each area thereby introducing more people throughout the world to the fascinating and visually spectacular country of Poland.

The VFRPOLAND.COM website is a new way to offer software for flight simulators. The layout of the website presentation and the nature of digital content for users is an innovation in flight simulation.

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A long, long time ago, when I was a little boy, all my friends dreamed about becoming a fireman or an aviator. And I, ever since I can remember, have always been inclined toward the latter idea.